The Meet Bridget podcast is a relatable library of career path options. As you listen to each woman’s story, we’ll ask the important questions about their REAL teen experiences. Sift through our library—see who you connect with, and what clicks for you! You might be surprised by new ideas and potential pathways from the vulnerable and inspiring things our guests share.


In 2015, Asha’s experience as a SAT coach for underserved high school girls in Downtown Los Angeles unveiled a critical gap: many young women, despite having the qualifications to attend college, lacked the confidence to envision themselves succeeding there. This was primarily due to a lack of relatable female role models in higher education within their communities. Determined to address this, Asha set out to eliminate these mental blocks and foster confident self-visualization in young women.

Thus, ‘Meet Bridget’ was born as a workshop company, aimed at empowering young women through self-awareness, self-worth, and interpersonal skills, while providing direct access to successful women in diverse careers. The name ‘Meet Bridget’, embodying the concept of a ‘bridge’, was chosen to symbolize creating accessible pathways for girls and women on a level playing field. ‘Meet Bridget’ also resonates with the Irish meaning of ‘strong woman’.

Initially focusing on underserved communities, Meet Bridget hosted panel discussions and workshops, catering to small groups and large assemblies alike. The unique approach, covering vital topics often overlooked in traditional education, quickly garnered attention. Soon, mothers from various backgrounds and corporate leaders sought to involve their daughters and female employees in our programs.

As the company’s reputation grew, our calendar was fully booked until 2020. However, the onset of the pandemic forced us to reconsider our strategy. Inspired by the resilience of the young women we worked with, we pivoted to launch the ‘Meet Bridget’ podcast, continuing our mission in a new, dynamic format. Three seasons (and counting!) later, we have learned invaluable lessons and truths about confidence and communication for young women and are now bringing that to you in the form of live coaching!



Asha Gabriel

Asha Gabriel

Eight-year-old Asha sat in front of the TV, intently watching Barbara Walters interview interesting people. Barbara was asking her guests the juicy, burning questions and helping them share their stories, and Asha’s wheels were turning….

As the founder and CEO of Meet Bridget, Asha Gabriel is passionate about creating an authentic female community in her wake, by asking the important questions that make us realize how much we actually have in common.

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Keshiia Rosenberg

Keshiia Rosenberg

As the COO of Meet Bridget and co-host of the Meet Bridget podcast, Keshiia helps meet bridge gaps and empower teens girls/young women through storytelling and coaching for teen girls. Along with her best friend (Meet Bridget Founder/CEO), Asha Gabriel, she has spent the last decade crafting and developing mindful programming and confidence building events and workshops for teens in the Los Angeles area. In 2020 they released the first season of their podcast, where they interview successful women in a vast array of careers, focusing on how their teen years and formative childhood events impacted the women they are today.

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