Meet Dr. Gayathri Giridharan, Chiropractor

At just 26 years old, Dr. Gayathri Giridharan is already making waves in the chiropractic world. As a first-generation Indian immigrant and the eldest daughter in her family, Dr. Gayathri’s journey from childhood to becoming a trusted professional working with CEOs and young professionals alike is impressive. Hers is a story of resilience, cultural integration, and professional triumph.

Join as Dr. Gayathri opens up about her experiences immigrating at age 3, growing up in Torrance, California, adapting to new cultures and languages, and embracing her heritage. She also shares her path to becoming a chiropractor, balancing cultural expectations with personal ambitions, and the invaluable role of family and support. 

This episode is packed with personal insights and advice, especially for young women forging their own paths. Let’s dive in!

in this episode:

[03:51] Dr. Gayathri’s early life and immigration, including her initial struggles of adapting to a new culture.

[06:31] The unique challenges Dr. Gayathri faced being one of the few Indian students in her community.

[07:19] How Dr. Gayathri overcame societal expectations and built her confidence through perseverance and personal development. 

[07:29] “If you don’t try to step out of your comfort zone now, things will never change for you. Go ahead and explore your options!” – Dr. Gayathri

[08:53] Dr. Gayathri narrates the immigration journey of her parents and its impact on her childhood

[12:30] How Dr. Gayathri’s Indian-American household influenced her career choices.

[15:21] Dr. Gayathri reflects on her journey through college applications and her academic path as an immigrant student, including the struggles she faced and how these experiences shaped her future goals. 

[18:40] The significant influence of her parents’ expectations on her career choices, and how she balanced these with her own aspirations. 

[23:01] Dr. Gayathri fondly recalls her first year in college as an exciting whirlwind of new experiences and connections. She shares how joining a sorority paved the way for life-long friendships and personal growth throughout her academic journey. 

[27:05] Dr. Gayathri reflects on her biggest cultural adjustment in college and her upbringing’s influence on her perceptions of relationships. 

[30:14] Dr. Gayathri shares insights into her parents’ arranged marriage and how it shaped her own perspective on relationships.

[32:49] What does it mean to be the eldest daughter in an immigrant family?

[37:06] How Dr. Gayathri navigated shifting away from medical school and the key moments that shaped her career path. 

[44:44] Dr. Gayathri explains the path to becoming a chiropractor and the rewarding aspects of chiropractic care.

[51:17] Dr. Gayathri discusses how she navigates challenges related to her gender and age in her career, emphasizing the value of gaining practical experience.

[52:56]  Dr. Gayathri’s approach to maintaining physical health and wellness amidst her demanding career. 

[55:07] The Fast Five Questions

[58:17] Dr. Gayathri reflects on a quality she didn’t fully appreciate as a young woman but values deeply now.

about Dr. Gayathri Giridharan

Dr. Gayathri Giridharan is a chiropractor at Stark Health in California. As a first-generation Indian immigrant and the eldest daughter in her family, Dr. Gayathri’s journey from childhood to becoming a trusted chiropractor for CEOs and young professionals is truly remarkable. Her story is one of resilience, cultural integration, and professional success. From an early age, Dr. Gayathri showed a strong commitment to excellence and a passion for helping others, which naturally led her to a career in chiropractic care. Through her dedication and hard work, she has become a leading figure in her field, celebrated for her expertise and compassionate approach to patient care.

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