Meet Lauren Plunk, Brand Strategist, Founder of Alchemiss, CEO of SoulSyncBody

For over four years, Lauren Plunk has been transforming “better-for-you” start-ups into thriving brands, offering top-notch Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) consulting and brand strategy services. As the founder of Alchemiss, she expertly guides food and supplement companies through the challenges of scaling for e-commerce and retail, optimizing operations, navigating supply chains, and crafting winning distribution and marketing strategies.

But Lauren’s talents don’t stop there. She also excels at working with emerging talent to develop innovative business models and has a knack for producing and executing unforgettable health and wellness, community-building, and experiential marketing events. Her impressive portfolio includes activating major events at Coachella, New York Fashion Week, and more!

Looking ahead to 2024, Lauren is set to bring her wellness magic to Costa Rica, New York, LA, and Greece. You might even recognize her handiwork with one of our previous guests, Anna Rooker, co-founder of Akasha Superfoods, where Lauren played a pivotal role in product development, launch, and brand strategy.

From the early challenges to the triumphant successes, Lauren’s story is packed with invaluable insights, lessons learned, and personal growth that will leave you inspired and motivated. Let’s dive in!

in this episode:

[03:22] Lauren’s first job was at a tanning salon when she was just 11. It was there that she developed her early work ethic and discovered her passion for business. 

[15:00] Lauren shares her journey through college and how she discovered her career path.

[20:53] How intuition helped Lauren identify trustworthy mentors and resources. 

[25:07] “Because I felt so isolated and alone, I felt like the path that best served me was to just always look at the brighter side. It involves vulnerability, and sometimes being gullible, but each lesson learned is a valuable data point.” – Lauren

[26:18] Instead of following conventional advice, Lauren leaned into her analytical and operational skills, achieving success by helping others behind the scenes. 

[39:50] Lauren shares her journey through founding Alchemiss, including how the COVID-19 Pandemic and market saturation led her to pivot her business model. 

[43:51] Lauren recounts her transformative trip to Greece and her serendipitous meeting with Anna Rook, co-founder of Akasha Superfoods, marking the beginning of a new venture. 

[49:13] Lauren launched her consulting business tailored to enhancing online and retail sales for health-focused brands. 

[51:13] Lauren dives into experiential marketing, highlighting her expertise in creating immersive brand experiences that resonate with diverse audiences. 

[56:10] The Fast Five Questions

[1:00:38] How Lauren’s steadfast belief in people’s good intentions enabled her to remain open to new opportunities and has helped her nurture meaningful relationships. 

about Lauren Plunk

Lauren Plunk is a visionary entrepreneur with a passion for driving positive change in the world of business. As the Founder & CEO of Alchemiss, she has dedicated her career to empowering women to reclaim their health through innovative consumer packaged goods (CPG) solutions.

Lauren’s journey in the biotechnology industry has been marked by excellence, particularly in the realm of product development within the nutraceuticals sector. She has consistently set high standards for industry compliance and product integrity, ensuring that the products created under her guidance meet the most rigorous standards.

In February of 2022, Lauren expanded her reach by launching Alchemiss Consulting, a venture that offers strategic guidance to “better-for-you” health and wellness start-ups. Her expertise extends across operations, distribution, and marketing strategies, enabling emerging food and supplement brands to scale effectively.

Lauren is not only a seasoned product developer but also a manufacturer who thrives on crafting and consulting brands in the “better-for-you” health and wellness space. Her track record includes helping numerous startup companies successfully navigate the path to retail or e-commerce while introducing innovative products that resonate with consumers.

While actively consulting with CPG brands and maintaining her partner status in a Tampa, Florida CBD manufacturing facility, Lauren also lends her expertise to celebrity clients as a business and talent manager.

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