Navigating Life’s Highs and Lows with Confidence

Hey everyone! It’s Asha and Keshiia here — coming to you with a special partner episode!

Today, we’re taking you behind the scenes of our journey. From launching our new website and evergreen course to navigating personal challenges, we’re sharing it all!

Join us for a heartfelt conversation about how we balance career, family, and personal growth. We’re diving into the tough moments and the powerful lessons we learned along the way. It’s an episode packed with raw insights and a powerful reminder that no matter how stormy things get, you have everything you need to navigate through. 

Don’t miss out! Tune in now to join us on this inspiring ride!

in this episode:

[01:35] We reflect on the incredible experience of hosting such diverse and articulate women on the Meet Bridget Podcast. 

[03:48] We get real about the challenges of balancing our careers, family, and the demands of running Meet Bridget, including the pressures and rewards of managing it all.

[06:32] “Success isn’t just about having a perfect plan, making lots of money, or being famous. It’s really about having the confidence and tools to handle whatever life throws at you. It’s knowing you’ve got yourself and can tackle any challenge that comes your way.” – Asha

[09:39] Keshiia opens up about the recent loss of her grandmothers, the complex process of grief, and how navigating such significant life events while maintaining daily responsibilities can be emotionally draining. 

[15:50] Asha shares the impact of hormonal cycles on her mental health, particularly when dealing with PMDD (Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder). 

[17:12] Having an accountability partner is a game-changer.

[23:39] One thing that really helped me during that tough time was shifting my perspective. I focused on reversing the narrative—acknowledging my sadness, but also thinking about my grandmother’s wishes and what she would want. It was about honoring what makes her human, which brought me some comfort and clarity. – Asha

[30:41] Pursuing your passions also involves pushing through daily challenges. Keeping the balance and reflecting on ourselves and our experiences during these demanding times — emotionally and physically — helps us stay focused and keep moving forward. 

[38:45] Asha shares Angie Wisdom’s exercise that helps you figure out what to focus on each day. 

[41:12] We talk about the importance of identifying and aligning your core values with your goals.

[46:09] We think about our values all the time, but articulating them and setting time-bound goals for each value is crucial. It’s about actively protecting what matters most to us and measuring our progress towards those ideals. 

[49:46] Self-reflection also involves pulling insights out of yourself, whether through a conversation, a creative outlet, or just giving yourself the luxury of time. Self-reflection is incredibly powerful for gaining clarity and understanding. 

[58:40] Saying “no” is a key part of being true to yourself. It’s not about shutting doors. It’s about being honest with yourself and managing your commitments effectively to create space for other things to come into your life. 

[1:03:43] What you’ll gain from our “Define Confidence” course, and where to sign up.

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