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Looking for dynamic speakers who can inspire and empower your audience? Asha and Keshiia, the driving forces behind Meet Bridget, are available to make impactful speeches on confidence, self-belief, overcoming adversity, and navigating life’s transitions. Their expertise is not just in delivering words but in sparking transformation.

Specializing in themes like building self-confidence, embracing self-belief, overcoming limitations, and thriving through adversity, their speeches are a blend of personal stories, practical wisdom, and motivational insights. Asha and Keshiia don’t just speak; they connect deeply with their audience, leaving a lasting impression that encourages positive change.

Asha and Keshiia have delivered keynote talks for schools, conventions, and corporate clients.


At Meet Bridget, our workshops are designed to empower young women with essential communication skills, preparing them for pivotal life transitions, from high school to college and beyond. Our coaching approach, based on the Meet Bridget philosophy, illuminates the paths of successful women from diverse fields. We achieve this through a curated collection of inspiring interviews, available on our podcast and featured in our interactive workshops.

Our commitment goes beyond skill-building; we’re fostering a robust community where vulnerability is recognized as a source of strength. Through personal storytelling, we encourage authentic connections, enabling attendees to deepen their trust in themselves. Participants leave our workshops with enhanced confidence, having developed their communication abilities in a space that values and nurtures genuine, vulnerable expression.


Whether it’s a school assembly, a youth group session, a business conference, or an interactive workshop, Asha and Keshiia bring a unique blend of energy, empathy, and real-world insights to every setting, in-person or online. Their workshops are tailored to resonate with diverse audiences, from students embarking on new life chapters to young professionals seeking personal growth.


Personal story-telling


Habit formation and productivity hacks

Movement as a way to reconnect mind-body connection

Positive self-talk


Goal Setting


Public speaking



Asha Gabriel

Asha Gabriel

Eight-year-old Asha sat in front of the TV, intently watching Barbara Walters interview interesting people. Barbara was asking her guests the juicy, burning questions and helping them share their stories, and Asha’s wheels were turning….

As the founder and CEO of Meet Bridget, Asha Gabriel is passionate about creating an authentic female community in her wake, by asking the important questions that make us realize how much we actually have in common.

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Keshiia Rosenberg

Keshiia Rosenberg

As the COO of Meet Bridget and co-host of the Meet Bridget podcast, Keshiia helps meet bridge gaps and empower teens girls/young women through storytelling and coaching for teen girls. Along with her best friend (Meet Bridget Founder/CEO), Asha Gabriel, she has spent the last decade crafting and developing mindful programming and confidence building events and workshops for teens in the Los Angeles area. In 2020 they released the first season of their podcast, where they interview successful women in a vast array of careers, focusing on how their teen years and formative childhood events impacted the women they are today.

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